Many people that have now become clients of Superannuation Advice Australia have all had the same question, why do I need a Financial Advisor?

Here are some questions we like to ask potential clients when considering whether they have a need for the services of a Financial Advisor

How much Superannuation do you have and where is it?

The must common reply would be “I think I have? “

The words “I think can be very dangerous “.  If you think you have all your super in one fund and it isn’t, you could be paying fees to multiple super funds which is similar to paying your Car Registration cost on your car multiple times for the same one-year period. Why would you pay your registration 2-3 times for the same period? It sounds silly right? and it is. So why does it with your Super? – With the average superfund fees costing anywhere from $200-$500 a year, by “Thinking” you have all your super consolidated and not “KNOWING” …. It’s something that could be chipping away at your super at a higher rate than you are contributing…. One would suggest that having all your super consolidated into one fund is by far the better option.

When was the last time you have spoken to your Superfund regarding your Superannuation, and how you are travelling in terms of meeting your retirement goals?

– The answer most common is “I haven’t heard from my superfund at all, they send me a statement once a year and that’s it”.

This is where having a financial advisor can provide many benefits. We here are Superannuation Advice provide a variety of services to our clients which we help them understand what’s going on with their Superannuation, If they have insurances within their super, are they over insured and paying  unnecessary insurance premiums when they have no need for it, or are the under insured and run the risk of being left out in cold if a significant event happens and they either get injured and cannot work and provide for themselves or even worse their families, and expected death to the income earner when there’s no life insurance to ensure their families can carry on financially. These are a few reasons that having a Financial Advisor could be of benefit to yourself.

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