Some people often ask the question: ‘Do I need a Financial Adviser?’ Here are a few questions we like to ask potential clients, when considering whether they have a need for the services of a Financial Adviser.

How much super do you currently have, and do you know where and how it is invested?

Do you know how much money you are on track to have once you reach retirement age?

What is your main asset for retirement? Is it your superannuation or something else?

Do you know if your balance increased or decreased last year, during COVID-19?

When was the last time your superfund contacted you to review your super balance and how are you progressing in terms of meeting your retirement goals?

The most common reply to many of these questions begins with the words: “I think…” or “I don’t really know…”

With the support of a Financial Adviser, your superfunds can be reviewed in order to establish the more appropriate financial strategy for your personal circumstances.

At SAA, we ask specific questions and listen carefully to the responses provided. This is where having a Financial Adviser by your side can provide many benefits. Our licensed Financial Advisers operate alongside a team of professionals who can assist with full service across Investment, Insurance, research and implementation. The SAA team with their combined industry knowledge is able to assess, and assist with providing tailored financial advice, to meet its clients’ goal-based objectives.

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