SAA is celebrating Earth Day 2022 and its theme: Invest in Our Planet! And what better way than to shine a solar-powered spotlight on: Pixii.

Australia’s most eco-friendly period products, Pixii exists to deliver equality, charity and sustainability.  We agree with Pixii that the hygiene needs of girls and women are a necessity, not a luxury, so we’ve partnered with Pixii to provide complimentary tampons and pads in our bathrooms. 

We applaud that 50% of Pixii’s profits are donated towards empowering women. And lastly – did you know that your choice of period products can have an environmental impact of up-to 500 years?

Pixii products are completely plastic-free, 100% organic cotton, free from bleach, dye and chemicals, biodegradable (in less than 5 years), made with 100% renewable hydroelectricity and shipped via carbon-neutral biofuel.

We are proud supporters of Pixii and encourage businesses, schools and other public venues to adopt Australia’s most eco-friendly period products that are good for people, good for business and schools, and most importantly – good for the earth.