Superannuation Advice Australia celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 (IWD) last week.

Annually, the 8th of March is a global day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. However, the day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.

As a business, we are committed to building better futures where difference is valued and recognised. A multi-cultural, equitable and inclusive future – free of bias, stereotypes and prejudice. During the course of this month (March) we are shining a light on women’s achievements, discussing emerging women’s empowerment and gender inequality, while rejecting discrimination.

Did you know?

Gender equality is of utmost importance at SAA. Through collective action and shared ownership, we are driving gender equality and making a positive difference in the lives of women.  In addition to two thirds of our leadership team roles being filled by women, 38 percent of our remarkable financial advisors are also women. It is interesting to note that female advisers generally perform better than their male counterparts on emotional intelligence – a key trait of a successful adviser.

We actively support our diverse employees to learn, develop and grow – with training opportunities provided through external organisations. By empowering our whole team, and extending additional support to those who need it most – we hope to continue to build better futures for all our staff members, clients and the wider community.


We will continue to #BreakTheBias and promote ongoing change, now and for future generations to come.