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Superannuation Advice Australia are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of our clients and the community as a whole.

Most recently, we proudly partnered with Bravehearts to help them continue to protect children from sexual assault and exploitation. White Balloon Day, held on 11th September, is a chance for our community to show support for victims, raise funds and raise awareness for such an important cause.

The charitable arm of our business, the ‘Super Advice Australia Community Fund’ was founded to enable us to give back to the community at times like this. I’m hoping Superfood for Superheroes will put some smiles on deserving faces and keep our community spirits up

Noel Shephard

I was a nurse for eleven years myself, as many of my friends are to this day. You can see despite their brave faces, frontline workers are frightened by the potential scale of the virus and the loss of life that will inevitably occur, despite their very best efforts.

Noel Shephard

Having left the industry some time ago, I might not be able to throw on my scrubs and join them, but I can certainly say thank you, let workers know we appreciate them and remind our community that these indispensable individuals are real people with families, and truck-loads of resilience.

Noel Shephard

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