There’s a lot of power in being a united force for good. From saving lives together, to connecting with fellow colleagues – there are many reasons to feel proud and passionate about our SAA Workplace Place Giving Lifeblood Team. 

In 2021, SAA’s inaugural donation squad made 47 life-giving contributions. Last year, we increased this figure by 34 percent, ending on a total of 63 donations. 

Another year, another chance to give back to the community…

This year, we have set our sights on saving many more lives – with a target of 70 donations.

With our recent Valentine’s Day LOVE Blood Donation Drive, we are well on our way to achieving this goal! 


Did you know that a donation is needed every 18 seconds, and that a new blood donor is needed every 4 minutes? 

We are more than just donors; we’re part of the very Lifeblood of Australia – and together, we know that we can make an even bigger difference. 

If you too – would like to be the reason for someone’s heartbeat, and would like to find out how, please visit: