A little over a year ago, Superannuation Advice Australia joined hands with Project Yumi, an Australian registered charity working towards building effective partnerships with local communities in Papua New Guinea.

We found a natural fit with Project Yumi in supporting its focus on saving resources from Australian landfills, while simultaneously improving education and healthcare for those living in PNG. Through our award-winning SAA Workplace Giving Program, we raised $4,000 to sponsor a classroom in Morobe Province, as a part of the NGO’s Project Skul Initiative.

Earlier this year, Yanga Elementary School students were sitting on dirt floors with no reading books and limited access to basic stationery. Despite delivery delays due to COVID and more, the local community recently gathered to celebrate the arrival of some much needed and appreciated school resources.

The headmistress, Mrs Josephine, thanked Superannuation Advice Australia and Project Yumi for all the generous donations stating that, “The junior students, whose classroom is now fully furnished, are very excited to come to school each day. They line-up outside their classroom with smiles on their faces, ready to learn.”

As SAA’s sponsored classroom is relatively small in size, it was heart-warming to hear that the school was able to share out some of the donated desk and chairs to a neighbouring classroom, for more students to enjoy and benefit from. One of the students told her teacher, “I love sitting at my new desk and chair because my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I can concentrate better.”

Hearing this feedback, we are reminded that our support does not just impact those students currently utilising these new resources, but will continue to motivate learning for generations to come.

By being a SAA client, we thank you for your contribution towards building a better world for us all to live and thrive in. For further information, please visit: https://www.projectyumi.org/.