Most people don’t think about retirement planning until it’s only a few years away or if they have to stop work due to medical conditions. We need to start retirement planning when we begin our full-time careers.
Australians are living longer and retirement may last three decades or more. That’s a long time to regret not planning for retirement and having to rely on a government pension, which provides a limited income and might stop you from doing the things you really wanted to in your retirement.

A little planning can make a big difference in the outcome of retirement without financial stress. Start planning for retirement now. This includes thinking about your dream retirement, how long it might last, what it will cost, how much you need to fund it. How much super do you have now and are they in multiple accounts that need to be consolidated? We will help you see if your current position puts you on track for your retirement goal or whether you need to look at strategies that can close the gap.

How do you want to live in retirement? Think about where you would like to live and in what type of home. Maybe you want an overseas holiday every year while you’re still physically active or perhaps to buy a van and tour Australia. Do you want to eat out regularly, play golf, and lead an active social life; or are you a homebody who enjoys gardening, craftwork or pottering in the shed?

If you are married or have a partner, share your thoughts with them. If you have different dreams and expectations about the way you want to live in retirement, it’s better to find out now while you still have time to adjust your plans.

At Superannuation Advice Australia we are here to help you achieve your dream retirement. We work with you from when you first become a client to when you retire. Our main focus is to keep you on track and help you navigate all the government changes with the superannuation system.