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5on Productreview,Jan 20, 2022


super and detail updates James was friendly and personable during our discussion, it was good to hear back about my accounts before the 1st annual review. A few of my questions were answered and additional services such as legal will services were offered. was a pleasant experience as far as financial discussions go

5on Productreview,Jan 20, 2022


Goodd Very efficient and professional. I am kept very well informed. The communication is good without being annoying. They offer great services not just in super but other areas as well.

5on Productreview,Jan 20, 2022


Not just Super Up to date knowledge of what is happening with Super funds and the world markets, to ensure your future savings are on the right track. Superannuation Advice Australia cater to your needs. Thanks Nick Grimbas and team.

5on Productreview,Jan 20, 2022


A GREAT TEAM SAA A big shout out to Nick and Sade who rang to do my annual review. Not only were they friendly and happy but extremely informative and both gave me confidence that my Superannuation is in great hands; I was updated over the previous year events and to date, also given some great advice. THANK YOU BOTH! Look forward to hearing from you again on the next review. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my family and friends.

5on Productreview,Jan 20, 2022


Fantastic experience I have had a fantastic experience working with SAA. They contacted me last year and completed a review on my previous SA and explained how i can benefit with them. James has been brilliant, very knowledgeable and friendly.

5on Google,Jan 19, 2022


great team sound advice always pleasant on the phone and are able to answer all my inquires

5on Google,Jan 19, 2022


James was extremely helpful and answered all my questions, highly recommend their service

5on Productreview,Jan 19, 2022


Great service and financial advice I had dealt with many financial advisors in the past, SAA has been the most impressive, with Friendly staff members providing personalized financial advice tailored to my needs and circumstances.

5on Productreview,Jan 19, 2022


Annual Review superannuation portfolio I had a great discussion with Sade and Felix regarding my portfolio and how my future choices were explained in a manner easily understood. Both were extremely helpful and a delight to talk with.

5on Google,Jan 18, 2022


James was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services

5on Google,Jan 18, 2022


Very happy with this service. Its exactly the gentle push I need to get myself organised

5on Google,Jan 18, 2022


Awesome supportive team, very helpful and provide regular calls throughout the year reviewing my super status and provide alot of other services that make life alot more simple and relaxed. Cheers to James from the team for all the help.

5on Productreview,Jan 18, 2022


Professional Very professional team look forward working with them over the years there was no hassle and they were happy to work around my work hours as I shift work t

5on Productreview,Jan 18, 2022


Great service. Great service, easy, now I can rest easy knowing they are working hard to build my super. Already seeing results in just a few months. They also took care of insurance and have offered free will kit. So far so good.