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4on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


This is great Very specific in explaining everything I needed to know to me.very good at guiding me through everything I needed to know about my super.very appropriate and confidential to protect my personsl information. very friendly staff.

5on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


They know there stuff Australian Supperanuation advice rang to review my policy as a member for 12 months keep me up to date with all the relevant information which was nice they really care about there customers never heard from any other Supperanuation company’s before.Excellent costumer service well done and keep up the good work

5on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


friendly staff take the time to get to know you so they have a good understanding of who you are and whats right for you very knowledgable and very friendly, professional and have good advice to help you with choosing the right options or products that are right for you. would recommend to a friend or family

5on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


Great stuff Very specific and went over everything I need. Updating me, and guiding me through all I need to know about my super, very appropriate and confidential to protect my personal information

5on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


Excellent Service The service provided to me by Superannuation Advice Australia has been outstanding, For someone like me that has no understanding about how Superannuation works, it was all explained in away that I could understand, the people I spoke with were very knowledgeable and and helpful in helping me to understand the process and making the whole process run smoothly

5on Productreview,Oct 28, 2020


Amazing Very specific and explains everything I need. Updating me, and guiding me through all I need to know about my super, very appropriate and confidential to protect my personal information. Thankful

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


Friendly and straight-forward Very helpful, explained everything clearly and friendly staff member with a great phone manner. Got everything done and put through efficiently and without fuss. Would recommend to anyone. Five stars!

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


Great service and extremely helpful Extremely informative and helpful with updating my super fund. Friendly and educated staff and advisers. Highly recommend to family and friends. Communication was clear and precise..advisor with review my super fund in three months time.

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


So happy with the service I have received! I first got into touch with Superannuation Advice Australia towards the end of 2019. The advice they gave me on changing my Superfund was fantastic. I am so pleased with the continued communication and support I have received from them. Couldn't recommend their services more!

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


Great was unsure at first but now I'm satisfied I would highly recommend this to all my friends and anyone else who is interested in protecting their money for the future

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


A job well done I found mark as and james to be both confident and relaxing to me, clear in there objectives and explanations and open in the beliefs that I have and am wanting to achieve

5on Productreview,Oct 27, 2020


Super helpful and explained everything clearly Thanks for all your the help and providing and explaining all the information that I didn’t know or know I needed to know and have a better understanding of super / insurance etc

5on Productreview,Oct 26, 2020


Great service Very informative and helpful. If you need advice very willing to help. There reviews on my account are great just to know how my growth is going. Easy to talk to.

5on Productreview,Oct 26, 2020


Great service and always looking after my best interest Superannuation Advice Australia (SAA) is a great organisation. They are in regular contact to ensure I am happy with their service and whether there is something they can do to improve my situation hence treating me like a person and always giving me personalized advice and hence have taken the burden off my shoulder. Great team and amazing customer service.

5on Productreview,Oct 26, 2020


My Super in Autopilot What I love from SAA is that I leave my Super in hands of very competent people and I do not need to focus my attention on that. I can focus on the things I am good at.