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Superannuation Advice Australia review summary

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4on Productreview,Sep 18, 2020


Phone call review phone call was very informative and usefull with information i hadn't viewed for a while. James was easy to talk to and had all the information at hand Thankyou Richard Moulds

5on Productreview,Sep 16, 2020


So helpful when help and support is needed I have found when I need help, support is only a phone call away. Every person I have spoken to is friendly and willing to help. Even when they are unsure of a answer, they will always call back with the information that is needed

5on Productreview,Sep 15, 2020


So easy Our superannuation accounts were multiple and we never got around to consolidating them. The help and advice we have received is outstanding and we are in a much better situation now financially. Thankyou!

5on Productreview,Sep 12, 2020


Great Service I found both James and Isaac very professional and knowledgeable. Always happy to answer any questions. This is the 2nd Financial Advisor I have dealt with. I find them great, even at chasing you for items you should have sent months ago 😀

5on Productreview,Sep 11, 2020


Would recommend!! Initially, not a fan. SAA approached me, with offer of free super check. Once I understood their operations and they understood my feelings we have moved forward as one. On several occasions I made requests and with quick, professional and friendly response they have had the issue/task sorted in house or have recommended external sources which also have been professional and pleasurable to deal with. So as the title says, would recommend and have.

4on Productreview,Sep 11, 2020


Happy with the call... friendly service staff were pleasant and helpful, suggested new some new options without being pushy or aggressive. Both Shannon and Codi were great and the experience and advise was great..thanks team..well done

5on Productreview,Sep 10, 2020


Life Insurance help Fantastic. Stacy’s customer service was exceptional. Stacy should be teaching other customer service businesses how to interact with customers. Very helpful and made the boring bits tolerable. Well done Stacy, keep up the great work

5on Productreview,Sep 10, 2020


Great service and very friendly Very helpful in superannuation, Excellent advice, great products and services and very friendly staff. Easy to set up over the phone and were happy to assist with any questions moving forward.

3on Productreview,Sep 10, 2020


Unreal service Every thing is explained to a T, so easy to understand what is going on today in this world and definitely reassuring that i have them to look after my superannuation Very polite, clear and understanding of my situation. Excellent company looking after my needs

4on Productreview,Sep 09, 2020


Necessary Evil I really don’t understand how super works and l suspect no amount of explaining will make it clearer for me. I think it’s a minefield. The people l spoke with were very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.

5on Productreview,Sep 08, 2020


James and Larissa Very professional, friendly and had great attitudes. They clearly explained what the call was about, made sure I understood all the details and took my time constraints into account while I was at work.

5on Productreview,Sep 07, 2020


Happy with the service from James & Izac James and Izac where fantastic with their service and chats,Even had great laughs while talking. Easy to understand and very helpful with questions throughout the service. I would recommend them to family and friends

5on Productreview,Sep 07, 2020


Well Informed about progress I'm glad to be updated on how things are proceeding & receiving honest advice, which is not always the case from my experience. Being able to sort things out over the phone & sign e-signature documents is a breath of fresh air, rather than the usual barrage of paper forms that so many companies persist with in this era.

5on Productreview,Sep 07, 2020


Phenomenal service thank you James and Isaac went above and beyond to ensure I'm aware of everything and explain everything to me. No obstacles when it came to explaining anything at all.. Super James was super funny and both were a pleasure to talk to thank you both so much. I have typed over 50 words lol

5on Productreview,Sep 04, 2020


I had no idea that they would be so helpful and genuine with the service that they provide. Very attentive to my circumstances No hesitation in helping me through my hardships Kind and sincere in their ability to reassure me that they can help I'm no longer feeling like l have to carry my burden alone