This month (May), we continue our ongoing support of Bravehearts and its mission to protect vulnerable children against sexual assault and exploitation.

If you are unaware of Bravehearts’ vital work in our communities, please take a minute to view this short video overview here.

Bravehearts’ 100 Sit Ups a Day in May is a fun challenge for any fitness level (some of our departments are sharing the daily 100-crunch load!) which provides so many health, as well as team bonding, benefits. We have 11 internal teams participating, with fun names and creative themes adopted such as: The ABliterators, Mission SLIMpossible, Case Crunchors, Queen Bees, Abdominal SAA Snowmen, Kiss My Abs, and more…

Join us in raising much needed funds and awareness for Bravehearts’ 100 Sit Ups a Day in May challenge and help us build better futures together, for all!