Superannuation Advice Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 45 636 152 924) (Superannuation Advice Australia) is authorised under the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) [rp1] to collect, record and handle your Tax File Number (TFN) when acting on your behalf in the conduct of your financial affairs.

Superannuation Advice Australia will only use your TFN for lawful purposes. In accordance with the Privacy (Tax File Number) Rule 2015, Superannuation Advice Australia can only collect your TFN where it is necessary for a lawful purpose, such as applying for an investment product, and that is the basis on which your TFN is collected. The lawful purposes for which Superannuation Advice Australia may use your TFN may change in the future if there are changes to legislation.  

By providing your TFN as part of this application:

  • you consent to Superannuation Advice Australia collecting and handling your TFN when acting on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs
  • you authorise Superannuation Advice Australia to use your TFN to search the ATO superannuation databases and to recover any super monies held by the ATO in your name and to transfer those monies to your nominated superannuation fund. The monies held by the ATO include superannuation guarantee contributions, superannuation holding accounts, superannuation co-contributions, low income contributions and unclaimed superannuation monies. Superannuation Advice Australia will notify you of those amounts identified in our searches;
  • searching the ATO superannuation databases will also provide a list of other superannuation accounts held in your name and Superannuation Advice Australia will provide you with information about those accounts and how you can consolidate them;
  • Superannuation Advice Australia will use your TFN for the purpose of verifying your identity;
  • it will be easier for you to find your super in the future and ensure that you receive all of your super benefits when you retire;
  • in our capacity as your agent, Superannuation Advice Australia may also disclose TFN information to superannuation funds should you wish to rollover or consolidate your superannuation or to investment bodies when making investments on your behalf;
  • you agree that Superannuation Advice Australia may disclose your TFN to financial advisers, brokers and those who are authorised by Superannuation Advice Australia to review your needs and circumstances from time to time; and
  • you agree that Superannuation Advice Australia may retain a record of your TFN for as long as it is needed in connection with the provision of financial services by Superannuation Advice Australia.

Choosing not to provide your TFN is not an offence, however If you choose not to provide your TFN Superannuation Advice Australia may not be able to fully assist you, there may be delays in providing our advice and there may be financial consequences such as your super contributions and investments being charged at a higher tax rate than would otherwise apply. The consequences of you not quoting your TFN may change due to future legislative changes.

For assistance or to access the Privacy Policy and your personal information call us on 1300 461 314.

 [rp1]ss 8WA(1AA)(c) and 8WB(1A)(c) of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) allow for the collection and recording of TFNs where it is to act on behalf of a person in the conduct of their personal affairs.