Anthony McAleer

Head of Advice

A Financial planning and Human services professional with a long career assisting people to grow and thrive. Working with the human part and the governance side of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) really excites our Head of Advice. Having worked in major banks, small businesses and with individuals has created a holistic view that allows Anthony to provide unique perspectives and solutions to businesses and the individuals attached to them. His role as Head of Advice involves overviewing the advice and governance of Superannuation Advice Australia allowing for great client experience and timely effective advice relevant to their own situation.

A leader with extensive experience working with and managing a wide variety of organisations including community services, financial services and professional services firms. Having a share of a professional services firm has enabled Anthony to utilise his full suite of business management skills including rebuilding sections of the business, staff management and engaging stakeholders and business partners. He is also experienced with community engagement, public speaking and significant family and business mediation through succession planning rounds out his wide skill set. Being a former defence force member, he approaches work and tasks in a disciplined and strategic manner being careful to ensure team members come with us on the journey.

The first part of his working life in high schools and community service organisations has made Anthony familiar with child protection and counselling frameworks especially in the context of youth engagement and suicide prevention amongst young people. These frameworks have been adapted and used to successfully engage communities and business sectors in the area of succession planning. Anthony has built business models using behavioural psychology to better engage clients in traditional professional services such as accounting and financial planning.

As a business owner and prior to that as a senior financial planner, Anthony has also managed staff to sales and delivery targets, coached in sales skills and implemented reflective listening training to assist more stoic professions to better engage their clients. This has often resulted in happier staff members, better financial results and more cohesive teams.

Outside of work his four daughters keep him entertained and the golf course is his place of solitude.