Barton Peek

Financial Adviser

Authorised Representative No. 1259107

Qualifications – Diploma of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, FASEA Ethics Exam, Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning)

An experienced superannuation adviser, Barton is passionate about providing tailored financial plans, that will fund lifestyles and ensure the fulfillment of long-term retirement goals.

Barton believes that education is key. With his advanced studies and degree in Financial Planning, he invests much of his time guiding and empowering his clients to make informed decisions around their superannuation, that will enable them to enjoy a dignified and rewarding retirement.

He is often asked, ‘When should I start saving for my retirement?’ Barton always recommends the sooner, the better. A powerful wealth-building phenomenon, Barton is of the opinion that compounding and its impact, is often underrated by many individuals. He thrives on helping his clients see how each year’s gains can generate their own gains, year-on-year.

In his spare time, Barton’s interests extend to super bikes, supporting Rugby Union, as well as experimenting with the crafting of a few artisanal beverages.