Danis Hrle

Provisional Adviser

Provisional Adviser Number: 1307687

Supervisor: Tommy Vukovic AR No. 1273105

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, Financial Planning)

Danis is an aspiring Financial Planner currently enrolled in the Professional Year program at SAA. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with a double major in finance and financial planning, Danis is part of the next generation of qualified financial planners adhering to the new FASEA Code of Ethics.

Passionate about providing financial advice, Danis takes pride in collaborating with clients to achieve their goals, whether short or long term, and strives to strike a balance between the two. He excels in strategising and finding tailored solutions to ensure clients receive advice that aligns with their best interests. Recognising the importance of taking time with each client, Danis emphasises the significance of understanding how advice and planning can benefit their unique circumstances.

Beyond his professional role, Danis finds joy in outdoor activities such as hiking, running, swimming, and other fitness pursuits.