Financial Adviser

Authorised Representative No.: 1241234
Qualifications: Diploma of Financial Planning, Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

Driven to make a difference, qualified Financial Adviser Niyoosha, has 15 years’ demonstrated history in the field of financial planning. Her high EQ and commitment to service excellence, coupled with a specialisation in superannuation – Managed Funds and Investment portfolios, makes her an exceptional asset to Superannuation Advice Australia’s Team of Financial Advisers.

Niyoosha is passionate about analysing and understanding each of her client’s individual financial situations, and actioning, scrutinising and monitoring investments on their behalf. With her astute financial acumen and realistic understanding of how tailored plans need to adapt to changing circumstances, Niyoosha supports her clients with strategies formulated to create wealth, reduce costs and eliminate debt.

When not assisting clients on how best to maximise their money and meet their future financial objectives, you can find certified personal trainer Niyoosha, exercising – and helping friends and family members to meet their physical fitness goals. Her big heart also leads Niyoosha to invest energy and any spare volunteer hours into Human Rights and Animal Welfare causes, as well as call-to-action Disaster and Humanitarian Relief programs.