Delivering 645 to Gold Coast healthcare workers on the frontline against COVID-19

The Superannuation Advice Australia Community Fund has launched the Superfood for Superheroes initiative as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the hardworking frontline heroes who are working tirelessly amid this global pandemic. 

On its first run, the Superfood for Superheroes van gifted lunch to healthcare workers along the Gold Coast, delivering 645 meals in total to 8 hospitals. 

Doctors, nurses, adminsitrative staff and cleaners alike were able to enjoy a gourmet lunch, thanks to our friends at Wine n Dine’m Catering.

Supporting healthcare workers through this time is of particular concern for Superannuation Advice Australia director, Noel Shephard, who worked a nurse prior to moving to the world of finance.

“We’ve all been affected in some way, but at a time like this, it is the responsibility of those of us still in a position to do so to dig deep, form a united front and reinforce our community at a time when collaboration is needed most and messages of positivity can go such a long way,”