Planning and preparation ensures a comfortable retirement. That is why strategic advice on how to optimize your after-tax income and pre-tax income can help you get ahead.

Once you have reached preservation age, you can access a portion of your super while you’re still working. This is via a TTR strategy.

You can start a TTR strategy by opening a TTR Income account-based pension alongside your regular super account. This gives you the ability to save more coming into retirement, alternatively you could wind back on work whilst adding to your take-home pay

This is effective by keeping some money in your super account to continue to receive your employer’s contributions. Whilst having a lump-sum drawn down each financial year of (4-10%) or an income stream.


Pay less tax — If you are 60 or older, your TTR pension payments are tax free. If you are 55 to 59, your pension is taxed at your marginal tax rate, but you get a 15% tax offset.

Ease into retirement – start planning what you want to do with your leisure time before you have retired completely.

Continue receiving super contributions – this will help to replace any money you take out.


Affects retirement income — If you start drawing down your super early, you’ll have less money when you retire.

Using TTR to save on Tax:


Save tax — You pay 15% tax on salary sacrificed contributions. Your marginal tax is likely to be lower than this.  

Boost your super — A TTR pension can be used with salary sacrificing to top up your super as you approach retirement.


Complexity – you might have to pay for financial advice so that you understand which strategy is best suited to you.

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