Financial matters are top of mind for most Australian household, especially over the last few months. While everyone at the family dinner table or on the Zoom conference call likely has an opinion, only an accredited Financial Adviser is able to legally provide thoughtful, considered and personalised financial advice.

Christian Stanger

Whilst advice from a friend or family member might be free, it is also not qualified advice. Financial advice from a qualified, experienced professional should always endeavour to place you in a better financial position, therefore earning your money back and then some.

This best interests duty has to be at the forefront of the advice provided in order to be compliant so, provided you’re dealing with an upstanding member of the financial planning community, you can be confident that your finances will be in better hands than previously.

But how do you choose a financial adviser?

There are a few questions that should be answered:

Are you licenced to give financial advice?
What are your qualifications?
Are you a member of an industry body (ie. AFA)?
Are you aligned with a particular provider or do you consider products from a range of providers?

The answers to these questions should be all you need to know to have an initial conversation with an adviser and start your journey toward achieving your financial goals.

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