Annual Reviews Manager

Olivia has 10 years demonstrated managerial experience. She first discovered her passion for building cohesive teams and mentoring individuals along their chosen career paths, while managing multiple successful restaurant sites. Her background in business and training, coupled with her core
strengths spanning strategic thinking, communication, relationship building and problem solving – brought Olivia to SAA’s door, in search of new opportunities.

Originally onboarded in an administrative role, Olivia quickly excelled within SAA. She was able to grow her professional skills and increase her theoretical finance knowledge, while simultaneously honing her unique leadership style.

Olivia’s natural flair for empowering and innovating, drives efficiencies and improves workflow throughout the organisation. Annual Reviews are an important component to SAA. They ensure that our clients are fully informed on the performance of their Super, and remain on-track to maximising their future retirement goals. Olivia is an integral component to the success of this department, and the business as a whole.

When not leading a large team and modelling best customer service, you can find Olivia enjoying quality time with family and friends, or taking her Golden Retriever for long walks along the beachfront.